Boom Beach Hack and Cheats

If you were looking for a functioning Boom Beach Hack, then you are at the right place. We found a way to add as much Diamonds, gold and other resources, to any Boom Beach account, as you need. This is your opportunity to get unlimited amount of any resources for free! But first let’s talk about Boom Beach

About Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a game for iOS and Android capable devices. It was published by the game developer Supercell. You can play it on any device with a suitable operating system, regardless wether you use a smartphone or a tablet. The game is a strategy game, in which you have to build and expand your own base. You have to build necessary buildings and beat up for recruits. When you have enough recruits, you can attack the bases of other players. You need to attack other players to pillage their resources. You will need more and more resources to expand your base and upgrade all the buildings. Recruiting is essential in the game, so you need a lot of gold and maybe diamonds. Except for the gold, wood, stone, and iron is used to build buildings and upgrading them. A good attacking strategy is, to have a bulk of troops, so the enemy can not kill all at once. However the recruiting and upgrading time is very long. If you do not want to wait the whole time, you can spend real money in the game. If you do not want to spend your money, then you can use our free Boom Beach Cheats.

About the Boom Beach Hack tool

Since a lot of people do not want to spend their money on a game, we developed a working hack. The hack allows your to generate as much diamonds, gold, wood, and other resources, as you want. To use the hack you have to klick on the button at this page. You will get linked to our other site, which has the hack. There you just have to type in your username and choose how much of the resources you want. Thereupon klick the „generate“ button and the hack starts loading the data. Afterwards when the data is done loading your resources are ready. However you must prove your humanity by taking a short survey. Following your resources will be generated to your account. If it does not work the first time, try another survey. Enjoy your new resources!